Agnes van Dijk

Always that urge to make something beautiful, something wayward. Stimulated by my desire to look further. Appearances deceive, nothing is as it seems…
I love developing seemingly crazy ideas into something stylish, with a sense of beauty. The research and experimentation that precedes a creation is important, because that is when I experience the freedom of mind to think unbounded, transverse and connecting. I work with unusual materials, such as mandarin peel, eggshells, panty liners, cabbage leaves, latex, shells, orchids, feathers, fish skin and seaweed.

I get a lot of inspiration from nature. The organic, wondrous and sometimes bizarre forms that nature produces, are stirringly beautiful to me. A very small seed from which the enormous sunflower originates. The color range of feathers. The strength and flexibility of horsehair. The unparalleled beauty of flowers. The pearly shine on the inside of a shell. The capriciousness of seaweed. The color nuance and transparency of fish skin. The game of form, movement and colors continues to enchant. The inconceivability of the completely different life of the mysterious deep-sea world still surprises me.

A particular fascination concerns the skin. Our skin determines our appearance and protects our interior. The skin has many manifestations. Vulnerable. Cool. Frayed. Translucent. Fat. Thin. Fine. Colour. That’s why I use latex. It feels and connects like a second skin, adopts its own skin temperature and offers the possibility to shape the different characteristics of the skin. In order to provide the latex with the desired color shades, I use pigments and inks. The amount of pigment present determines the skin color and with ink the skin is tattooed.

I have subdivided my creations into materials on this website.

Would you like to get more acquainted with my work? I regularly take part in expositions.. I also provide the lecture ModeCapriole! From Arts and Crafts to Seaweed.
More information about this extra ordinary production can be found here.

Would you like a unique creation made to measure? You are welcome to discuss your wishes.

Artists, theatre-, musical-, dance-, variety- and performance companies find themselves at the right address here for the design and manufacture of clothing and costumes.

It is also possible to hire my creations for performances, photo shoots, films and events.