ModeCapriole: From Artcraft to Zeaweed


Agnes van Dijk designs and manufactures quirky fashion creations of unusual materials.
Such as mandarin shells, eggshells, panty liners, cabbage leaves, latex, shells, orchids, feathers, fish skin, sunflower seeds and seaweed.
With her imagination and creative ability she can translate seemingly impossible ideas into unique creations. Ranging from fragile, subtle and refined to monumental and theatrical.

In this lecture she shows dozens of designs. Photos, film, creations on torso and creations worn by mannequins guarantee a dazzling show full of allure.  In the meanwhile Agnes makes you part of her way to Fashion Art, her inspiration process and the stories behind her creations.

She gladly adjusts her lecture to your special wishes and occasions.

For booking or more information send a mail or phone 06 22 61 05 49

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